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Numerology 1111

Numerology – the difference between 11 and 11:11

Like math, which has prime numbers, in numerology, the number combo 11 is considered a Master number or a unique number that is different and more powerful than the signal numbers. Though we add all the numbers to achieve one number in a date, that is not allowed with 11 22 33. These are master numbers, and they have a special meaning.

The number 11:11 is considered an angel number, which denots that when you see this message, you see a notification that an angel, or spirit guide, wants your attention. It is also an indication that you are an old soul being asked to restart your connections via meditations or creative activities.

The old souls can connect to their past lives to pull up memories to assist themselves and have a stronger connection to the other world. The number is asking them to slow down, be more aware of new abilities, as subtle as they may be. Dreams, the five senses and spiritual communication are heightened to fulfill your path and find out who you indeed are. Find the happiness, release and refuse negativity from those around you to help those who look for you to help and guide them. Old souls are also leaders and guides to direct people without pushing some.

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