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What We Do

General Read

A personal read is done over the telephone, Zoom, Messenger or in person.

CAD 65.00

Enhanced Reads

An expanded version of the general read, which will include past lives, Angels and more.

CAD 85.00

CAD 85.00

Past lives Reads

If you are interested in your past lives, we will send you three past lives that may help you understand some issues or fears.

CAD 25.00

3 question Reads

In this service, you can send us three questions vir email or messenger and we will respond with the answers within 48 hours.


CAD 25.00

Group Reads

In this event, a group of people will get together in a service.  We will then read each person within the group and ofter them spiritual messages from angels or past loved ones.

CAD 40.00 per person

Family Reads

Full individual read for a family of 4 by zoom, messenger video or in person $200 total

CAD 200


We ofer spiritual events for traing, paranormal and other activities.  Click on the view more button bellow to see more options.


Free Live Reads

Every Wednesday night we offer free read online from our facebook page, whisperingsouls by pychic ken.  All reads are free and we start at 7pm EST.



We offer certificates for you to purchase to give as a gift to friends, family members, coworkers and other people.. Please click on the view more for more details.

CAD 65.00 per Certificate
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