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Below are what we offer in books and cards.  If you wish to purchase them, please click on the picture and you will be sent to the purchasing website.

A book written by a spirit guide to discuss spirituality and how it affects us
Beginners Tarot cards

Discover the world of Spirituality through the eyes of a spirit guide Bernard, a 15th-century monk.

Through his easy-to-understand and down-to-earth way of talking, Bernard will help you understand Spirituality, psychic development as well as the world around you.

Channeled by Ken Mason, an internationally known medium, this book works with the beginner as well as the advanced spiritualist


Written and created by internationally known psychic/medium and author Ken Mason, and his Spirit Guide Bernard, a 15th century Monk, have designed a Tarot deck that is easy to use with beautiful photos.

All 78 pictures are chosen to help beginners understand the meaning and how to use them for their abilities.
Understanding and connecting to your spirit guide

Using simple terminology, Ken Mason explains what Spirit Guides
are and where they come from. 

Using simple meditations and day to day exercises, Ken Mason will show you how to become connected with your own Spirit Guide and with oneself.

This book is invaluable to anyone trying to develop their psychic abilities or understanding how to listen to your inner self to get directions and comfort knowing someone is helping you.

Day to day message cards

Bernard is my Spirit Guide, who believes  in simplicity.  He teaches that you need to love yourself before you can help others,  These cards contain his wisdom on day to day life and can be used to help you through the complexities you will encounter,

Within the thirty cards,you will see the directions and meanings of your path given to you by a master Spirit Guide

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