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Money-back Guarantee

At WhisperingSouls, we were the first to offer a money-back Guarantee for readings and services. At any time, if you are not satisfied with the reading or the service that you received, then we would be more than happy to refund our portion of the fee.

Please note that the client who requests the money back during any service must be made before you leave the event, location or read.  Once you leave the service, then the refund no longer applies.

Personal Policy

High Accuracy: Will not claim 100% accuracy, as no one is "perfect" so cannot claim such perfection, as every reader will have their "off" day.

"Best" Psychic: Will not proclaim to be the "best" psychic or better than any other psychic, as each has his/her own specialty and method. No one is better than anyone else, except perhaps in areas that he/she has a thorough knowledge of.

Psychic Bashing: Will not attack another psychic for his/her abilities or chosen paths, irrespective of their paths, religions and ways of life, race, culture or creed.

Jealousy: Will not covet another's psychic abilities or status within his/her chosen field, nor his/her ratings and comments. Each psychic’s is valid, as each can help clients in different ways.

Control: Will not use psychic ability as a means of control, especially for the purposes of enticing clients to return, thereby eliciting more money from them

Listening: Will always listen to a client and base the reading on his/her needs, not some generic interpretation that has no bearing on the situation

Humility: Will show humility when discussing personal psychic abilities, but will not vaunt or bandy titles or status earned for personal gain, self-aggrandization or self-gratification

Abuse of Ability: Will not abuse psychic abilities for personal or selfish gains, or to cause harm to others or for retaliatory purposes

Scare Tactics: Will not use "scare tactics" to frighten clients into returning for updated readings, with the lures of promises to rid them of "evil spirits", "dark entities" or "cures for all ailments" with the intention of eliciting more money. This is unethical and unprofessional, and seriously harms the readee/client emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually and physically, as well as financially

Free Will: Will recognize that everyone has the "free will" to choose their actions or to direct the course of their lives. No one can predict what people will do, as they often make choices that change the outcome of readings and predictions.

Medical: Will not predict death or life threatening illness, nor give medical advice or prescribe medicine

Bullying: Will not bully the sitter by forcing information, or trying to MAKE the information fit the client

Honesty: Will always make public my ethics, my methods, and my policies. My money-back guarantee ,"wherein if you are not satisfied with my services then there is no charge", applies to every client, for my portion of every service I offer

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