Reviews and Testimonies
Here are some reviews from our Facebook page

Danny Saenz recommends Whisperingsouls by Psychic Ken.

I have had multiple readings from Ken and he is always on the money and everything he has told me has come to pass. highly recommend it!!

Kathie Knowles  recommends Whisperingsouls by Psychic Ken.

Ken is phenomenal! One of the most honest people I’ve ever met! Prior to my session I’ve never met him, he was so calming and down to earth. He was amazing. Best experience I’ve ever had. I loved his sense of humour, there’s no way you can compare him to anyone else, it’s like having a cup of coffee with a friend that’s known you for ever. Thank you for such an awe inspiring experience and just for your precious time. You definitely do not charge enough. One of a kind.

Yasmin Rashid  recommends Whisperingsouls by Psychic Ken.

Had my reading with Ken on the 9th of July lovely experience very happy he could share his gift with me thank you

Mijanou Bernier  recommends Whisperingsouls by Psychic Ken.

Ken has done a few readings for me and my family and everytime he blows my mind of how accurate he is. If you would like a reading do not hesitate you wont regret it.

Deanna Headon Venn  recommends Whisperingsouls by Psychic Ken.

I had a reading today with Bernard and Ken. It was great. The information provided was spot on with other reads and info. I loved the organization of the read.

Here are some reviews from our clients

Thank you for giving me peace of mind again"


"Fascinating!  I really enjoyed my reading and definitely learned a great deal.  Thank you very much!"


"As in the past meeting, your sharing was most interesting and helpful along this journey."


"Thank you, I enjoyed it all"


"Right on!  Enjoyed it lots"

Very good experience. I'm excited to move forward and listen to John, my spirit guide. I will pay attention to my mother visiting me and maybe we can make peace.

Extremely good experience. I'm moving forward and this is what is expected of me and to rely on Jean to be there with Mary.


Had my second reading today and again it was really good and most of the things in first reading came true. Will be back again to see what else will be true.

Was really impressed that he was able to tell me things that were happening now and glad to see that good things are in the future.

Simply amazing!! Thank you so very much!

Thanks for a great day!

An absolutely amazing day! So many emotions and things to think about. I thank you for your time, guidance and laughter.

Thank you so much for walking me through the introduction. I appreciate all of the excercises you've given today to take home with me!