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Spiritual communications

Spirit thoughts:

Have you ever wondered how people know about what you are thinking?

We are speaking ninety-five percent of the time spiritually and five percent vocally. We are born with the ability to talk on the spiritual level without realizing and get messages that we do not know from where they came.

For instance:

1) Have you ever thought about having pizza(example), and suddenly someone around you says the same thing?

2) Have you suddenly thought of someone you know and the phone rings and it's them?

3) Have you ever gone to a location for no reason but needed to be there? Then found something that was missing or lost.

4) Have you ever lost your car keys and found them where they were before? Then when you leave, you realize that you could have been in an accident or colossal delay?

Don't dismiss messages or odd occurrences. Think of what your mind is doing when you are watching tv and daydream

Ken Mason

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