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Spirit message Thursday, July 28th 2022

"Please note that the age I mention is not the date they passed, but more a time you could recognize the most."

I have a tall, middle-aged man with unkempt, tightly curly hair and grayish. He has reading-type glasses and is thin but tall. Feel he was the intellectual type but was comfortable with all ranges of intellect.

He did not work with his hands but would teach people or discuss topics with teenagers or young kids. It took time to be with his kids, and I also feel that he taught his kids how to drive logically.

I feel he liked to write, and for some reason, I saw him on a typewriter when he was younger. Not sure what the topics were, but he used them as a teaching manual or a published book.

He was never big on religion, and when he passed over, he was right on his beliefs. He watches over his kids and grandkids and is happy that his family has not dropped the love of reading. He knows the kids will be successful in their own time,

"I had lost so much when I passed but gained so much love and understanding when I finished crossing." When he looks at his family from afar, there is so much love and colours emanating from their souls that he is breath taken in awe. He never knew what brilliant souls are and how much love is hidden from our eyes. He sends love and laughter to all who know him and throws that he doesn't know. To his family, he wants them to know he is happy and to not feel sadness for him. He is where he can help everyone without having to choose which one to help.


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