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Spirit message Sunday, July 24, 2022

"Please note that the age I mention is not the date they passed, but more a time you could recognize the most."

I have an older gentleman who past away at an older age. He seems interested in trains or working with them as I see trains all around him in spirit. I also see a big smile and a great laugh, but he seems to hide a bit of sadness since people around him passed away before he did though they shouldn't have.

I see he had dimples and sideburns that were a little longer than usual.

He shows himself holding two young kids on his laps in one picture; in another, there are a few more, though he is not sure if they belong to him.

He wants people not to know that he is at peace and loves to move things and scare people. He also lives the scent of his clothes every once in a while and hides objects.

His message is that he loves everyone, even those who are negative towards him after death. Love can be fleeting in your life but pure in your spiritual life. He says sorry for those he hurt but will compensate for that pain as he helps you through the rest of your life.


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