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Spirit message June 21st 2022

« Please note that the age I mention is not the date they passed, but more a time you could recognize the most.”

I see an older lady near a lake with a dock and a small boat tied to it. I see her chasing two young kids as she plays hide and seek. She also shows me herself floating on a ring out in the lake and has a drink in her hand. Very tanned and is wearing darkened glasses.

This lady was very confident and was in control of everything happening with the family. She showed me a salad she always made and was optimistic that people would like it.

She wants everyone to know that she is happy and can be seen or felt at that location or near that lake. She visits the family and is pleased that the kids are growing robust and respectful of their parents. Otherwise, she might have had to do something about that. Lol

She loves everyone in the family, even those that were annoying and perhaps still are. Still, she watches over everyone and sends her love and dreams of the lake that holds so many memories to all who would accept that gift.


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