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Something to think about

Something to Think about:

So I asked Bernard why do women live longer than men?

Here is his answer:

First of all, on the physical side, women tend to be more active than men, primarily since they work a lot more than men do daily. Men tend to be more sedentary than women, especially after their retirement and like activities like tv or other sitting activities.

By not being active, the physical body will lose its strength which means the moving of blood and water is more strained, causing more damage to vital organs. This stress will cause someone to pass away sooner.

On the other hand, women live longer because they are constantly moving, like cleaning the house, cooking food, taking care of kids and other activities that make women work longer hours. This exercises the vessels to work and keep their strength, allowing the body to last longer.

On the spiritual side, most men are logical and do not use spiritual gifts to manage stress, and their emotions like women do. To keep pressure on your feelings, they risk being quiet, keeping their feelings stressed until they can violently express the feelings.

Women use their spiritual emotions to communicate and release their anger and frustrations. As a result, there is less stress on their physical bodies though it does not reduce their worries or concerns. By communicating, the pressure is relieved on the physical body, therefore, living longer.

What do you think?


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