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Is it possible that we have multiple lives at the same time? According to Bernard, my Spirit Guide, the answer is yes and perhaps every life.

Though we have 93 lives to finish our lessons, we also have to help other souls with their lessons. These lives could lead us to have upwards into the hundreds before we finish ours. We could also have our own learning life while having a life helping someone else. We may even see ourselves in another body or spiritual sense.

What does he mean by helping others with their lessons? There are times when we come to life with no lessons for ourselves but others. Examples would be a child who passes away early, someone committing suicide, and a good friend who helps someone mentally then passing away. There are many types of situations that we can help others, but they all produce a spiritual lesson for those affected.

Seeing ourselves often happens in some of our lives. For example, we can have a friend that acts and thinks like you, looks like you, or performs the same actions. This is the way to see you in a non-lesson life who could be helping someone else.

That is the most significant way we heal others in our non-lesson life.


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