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Discussion – let us talk about the Astral plane.

In the spiritual world, there are a lot of planes that are available and often used without us realizing we use them. For example, there is the multilevel plane, 4th – 9th dimensions, spiritual plane, but we do not talk about the Astral plane, and we mostly use it.

We all know about the spiritual plain, referred to as the area where our passed loved ones exist. We also know that we can only access this area when we pass away, so do we communicate with the passed loved ones or spiritual guides? This connection is where the Astral plain comes into play.

The astral plane is the area between our plane and the spiritual plane. It's also referred to as purgatory, the astral world, dream world, and more.

We access this area through meditations, dreams, OBE and mediumship. We use this plane to connect to spirits, passed loved ones, teachers and travelling. When someone has a Near-death experience where they see themselves, they are in the Astral Plane.

This area is the transition world when we pass and where our passed loved ones come and get us. So we do a lot of spiritual work in this dimension, and this is how we do it without touching the spiritual plane.

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