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Discussion – let's talk about the process of death and why we should not fear it

Before I start, there will be some references to Religion that may upset someone, but I want to say upfront that Religion is a cornerstone for many people, and I have complete respect for that. This post is my opinion and only mine.

Now that we have that done let's talk about the beginning of the end. When we come close to our expiry date, the past loved ones will come closer to help us get ready to prepare for the physical death. They will provide energy and love with messages and a sense of excitement.

Most people know ahead of time, and you will see how happy they become and often give things away. I had a friend who was not a very nice lady and scolded many people, causing hatred and dismissal. Then, one day, she was ultra-friendly and helped people, causing confusion and gossip. Unfortunately, she passed away two weeks later in an accident.

Even in sudden death or suicide, the passed loved ones are ready to help them cross over as it is their expiry date and welcomed back to the spirit world.

At the moment of passing, or perhaps weeks before, the spirit that will escort them will talk to the person passing over. You will often see the person talking to the spirit and saying they are talking to their mother though the mother has already passed. At the exact moment of passing, the spiritual cord between the spirit body and the physical body is cut by the spirit, freeing the deceased spirit body to return to the spirit world.

Speaking with spirits who have crossed over, they refer to the passing as peaceful without pain. They meet family members and have pure love, releasing emotions and traumas. They desire to help those still in this plain and help the family members with love and healing.

As told by all spirits when passing, there is no religion or judgment, so do not fear the process. However, if there is a judgment, this will be done by your spirit guide as there is no human religion in the spirit world.

Ken Mason.

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