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The meaning of 2 in Tarot

As described in a previous post, Tarot has the same letters as Numerology but each arcana has a different meaning for each number.

Below are the generic meaning for the four Minor Arcana sets

Swords: Major decision to be made for which direction to take. It could mean about work, relationships or your desires.

Pentacles: Decisions about money and fear of being poor. Though you may feel there is no control, you do have power. Make sure that spending is under control.

Hearts: The joining of two, new relationships, a new addition to the family. This arcana talks of being with people and not being alone.

Wands: the desire to accomplish your goals, your career paths are established, and you are confident in your destination. It is also about seeking challenges around the world and being challenged. Creativity is extreme and is used to help guide yourself.

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