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Spirit Message March 17, 2022

I have a young male showing himself playing basketball and road hockey with friends. Was a happy young teenager who liked playing sports but not at the competitive level. He is wearing red shorts with a dark hoody and dark sneakers. Short brown hair but a bit chubby on the body. Not heavyweight but a little bulky.

Passed away unexpectedly though not sure what. Keeps showing the number two with his fingers as if the number two was essential to him.

He wants his mother to know that he is with her all the time. He then sits on a couch leaning against her with his head on her shoulders, watching her as she eats her snacks.

"I am at peace and am very happy with grandma and the rest of the family. So don't worry about me being happy. Instead, focus on your happiness, and we will see each other when the time comes. I gently kiss you on your cheek as you sleep and then take you on a trip when you fall asleep. Just like the one we always wanted to when I was alive. Take care, and I love you and everyone else in the family."

Ken Mason

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