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Spirit message January 21st 2022

I have an elderly lady wearing a blue patterned shirt with white pants. Her hair is fluffy on the sides but a bit flat on top, and she has a black-framed set of glasses. She had arthritic hands but not too bad as she was able to do things but her hands hurt after a while.

She lived in a nursing home and had a bit of Alzheimer's (dementia perhaps, not sure) near the end. However, she was knowledgeable and sharp-witted when dealing with issues around her. Put up with nothing that upset her. She shows herself getting up and pointing her finger in someone's face and saying, "that's enough." She had a lot of respect from people. She loved to sit down with people and help solve issues that he family had especially grandkids.

She wants people to know she is at peace and watching over her kids, all of them below her. She is happy her chair is still in use as she sits in it—lots of fond memories. Keep the family together, don't fight over small shitty stuff. She is watching.


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