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Spirit Message January 18 2022

I have an older gentleman who passed in his 90's. I see him in a military outfit with a bera in a wheelchair at a ceremony. Had a big laugh and loved having his grandkids on his lap as he read stories or just talked to them.

I smell smoke, so I believe he was a smoker or pipe. I see him with white hair with a bit of balding on top. He shows himself with a curved spine and wears sweaters often, even in his house. Loved to talk about the past and what he went through when he was younger.

He says he was well taken care of when he started to get ill and had little energy to do things around the house but loved his grandkids. However, he says his kids were annoying as they always asked him questions already asked by someone else.

He said goodbye spiritually when he left and now leaves his scent in his kid's house when he walks around the place. He loved everyone and still does.

Take care and thanks for the chocolates.

Take care.

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