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Spirit Message January 12th, 2022

I have an older gentleman who shows himself in a plaid shirt, jeans and winter jacket, not zippered up. I smell a wood fire and an axe leaning up against a shed. He worked outside a lot and I believe from what I feel, he had a heart issue or passed by illness in his chest or lung area.

He Loved children and spent time with them but also felt there was a time for adults to talk without kids around them. He Loved his tv shows at night but was an early morning riser.

He says he was a bit upset at what happened after his death, but it will be resolved(perhaps has been), but he is watching over everyone with pride and love. It doesn't matter who is wrong, and he still supports them. He has two past children with him as well as two dogs.

He sees everything and talks to everyone. He hopes that some of his kids open their minds to hear him pass wisdom and love. Take care


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