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Spirit message Jan 30th 2022

I have a young teenager that passed away suddenly, perhaps in a car accident or some trauma. She shows herself as an active lady who likes to dance and have a good time. She was a dedicated person for everything she did, including relationships. She had her goal already laid out and was looking forward to moving forward with her life.

She liked animals and showed herself playing with a dog and getting upset with animal cruelty.

She passed with someone in the car, a male close to her. There were issues with the relationship and another person.

She wants her family to know that she is peaceful and enjoys watching the family grow without her being there. It was hard to do this at first, but now that she can talk and guide people, it has helped her understand the process. Mom, I am always with you and whisper in your ear a lot. The laundry is not that important. Just know that I love you as well as everyone else.


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