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Spirit message February 12th 2022

I have an older gentleman who passed on a third heart attack. However, he was stubborn and did not want to change his lifestyle even with the heart attacks. He loved to drive and be active outside of the house, always on the go. His favourite activity was hanging around his truck with friends having a coffee.

He was very protective of his family and spent time with his children. I see him wearing a baseball cap with white hair and constantly checking out the people around him. He also shows me thick arms and stubby fingers, and though he did smoke at one time, I feel he quite near the end.

He wants his family to know he is at peace and still listening to family stories and problems. He loves watching people play games and listening to female conversations he never heard before him. Listening to people in his wake was also very interesting as you know what people are.

Finally, he wants to say goodbye and thanks for the memories. He will still be around to watch life go by and will be ready to see people as they cross over.


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