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Spirit message December 29, 2021

Spirit message December 29, 2021

I have a middle-aged lady, perhaps late thirties or early forties, who passed from cancer. She shows herself in the hospital with her head covered so that she may have lost her hair. She also indicates kids coming to visit her, reading a book, and talking a lot.

When she was younger, she was very athletic in high school and kept that up as a jogger or other sports. I also see her being involved in her kid's sports activities and helping out in school.

She hopes to let her family and children know that she is at peace and watching over her family. She knows that her children are still sad and trying to move forward, but it is hard. So she lays in bed with them when they go to sleep and plays with them when they leave their bodies.

"Thanks, everyone, for your help and kind thoughts about her. Please take care of my kids the best you can, and I will talk to everyone as much as possible."

Take care.

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