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Spirit Message December 21st, 2021

Spirit Message December 21st, 2021

I have an older lady with me, perhaps in her eighties, who is showing herself decorating for Christmas. She is singing and is anxious for the family to arrive. She loved having a tree but, in the end, had to have a smaller tree because of her health and not being able to move a lot.

She loved hot chocolate and also enjoyed the Christmas desserts. She shows herself watching a show/movie with the kids around her. She didn't have much money in her golden years but made sure that the kids got a gift and made sure it was equal.

She wants to thank her daughter, who was holding her hand when she passed. Though she was cranky, she loved her family and said goodbye to everyone, even when she had left her body.

She wants everyone to enjoy this time with strife and cherish what we have and the people in our lives. Take care, everyone.

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