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Spirit Message August 28, 2022

"Please note that the age I mention is not the date they passed, but more a time you could recognize the most."

Tonight I have a young man in his twenties who shows himself in outdoor gear, jeans and a plaid shirt having a beer around a fire with Five or so people enjoying the get-together. He had a big smile and was a bit loud but celebrated some good news.

I don't know if he was shot or hit by a car, but he was found lying in a ditch. Death was sudden, so he did not feel the pain as he passed. I believe he may have just been engaged or was going to ask, but I only see a picture, so I do not know the time frame. I see him holding hands with a more petite, figured girl at the party. He does say that what he did was the reason for his death but will not tell me what it was.

He wants his parents, who are still grieving, to know that he is sorry for what happened and that he is helping thoughts that were hurt. He plants a flower each year in the garden for his mother to recognize him, and he knows that she does. It's a rose for each broken heart in a multicoloured display of love.

Take care, for he is all around, perhaps not that you will feel but was is given to you in your heart as your sleep.


Here is the video version of the message.


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