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Older Gentleman

I have an older gentleman, perhaps in his eighties or a bit younger. He is thin with short hair, lightish clothes and sits with his legs crossed. I also see his right little finger curved inwards and not stretching it out all the way. He coughs a lot, but I do not see him smoking. I see him in a hospital bed with a daughter holding his hand as he passes.

He says he had a hard life as a child and had an abusive father. However, he left the house at a young age, learned many jobs, and worked hard for his family. He loves his children and grandchildren and is proud of their accomplishments, but one child is a bit entitled and would not have done well in his time. He hopes she changes.

He is with family and enjoys sitting back on his chair and watching the family go by with their lives. He will see them when they pass over and looks forward to reliving both their lives.

Ken Mason

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