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Numerology versus Tarot - Card 1

Numerology vs Tarot card number 1

Tarot is very connected to Numerology because they have the same numbering system, though the values are different.

Tarot has the 1-10 in their Minor Arcana, whereas Numerology has 1-9. The Major Arcana has 0-21, which means the one starts at 0. The Major Arcana is a unique set, so there's not too much to worry about there. We will discuss that in another post.

In the last post concerning 11 or 11:11 we discussed the value of these numbers and what they mean, so I decided to post what the number 1 means in Tarot. Since there are four separate sections of Minor Arcana, here are the difference for each one.

Swords: The number one represents new changes, awareness of further attacks or relationship issues, and conflict with family or work. Be aware of all 360 degrees around you to be prepared for possible pitfalls.

Pentacles: Positive time for money or projects involving money. This occurrence might mean a raise, money coming into the household budget or a loan/mortgage approval.

Hearts: New romance, meeting your soulmate or a new child.

This change will bring a higher level of love within you to the family. It may mean higher love for each other in a relationship and a desire to be closer or a pure love connection spiritually. But, again, it is solving issues with love, not anger.

Wands: Wands are a twofold card. It is about work and creativity and the requirement for it at this time. You may receive a new job, new projects or be given a job you have been looking for and bring happiness.

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