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Numerology number 4

Four is not an angel number but is significant If you keep seeing it or is part of your lifeline.

Seeing the number four signifies the need to be logical and stoic with issues. A person requires a structure to work within and create the structure for themselves. It is necessary to be in charge and make sure things are done in order. They are very loyal to friends and work and strive to finish work, even taking extra time to finish it. They are conservative when making changes and tend to be old souls.

Meaning in Tarot

Major Arcana – The emperor strives to be open to changes but organized. The father figure makes sure all plans are well thought through and exact.

Swords – Patience is required with the well-planned organization. Movement is excellent and concise. However, beware of pits in the direction and of health issues.

Pentacles – Be careful with money and make sure the future is planned and on a good solid path. Don’t spend unwisely or pass to other people. It will be needed.

Cups – Beware of friends around you and relationships. Instead, trust yourself in knowing that the environment is safe and that you deal with issues logically and with fairness.

Wands – this card represents new people in your life, new job or adventures. Be wise and make sure that all the movement is well understood and prepared for.

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