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Numerology 5

Five is not an angel number, so it is used when the results of calculations are 5.

Five is about change, either positive or negative. It is about needing to change and facing change with as much positivity as possible. It is about the desire to travel, change jobs or even relationships. It is also about escaping situations and hiding from friends or having anger that may change your status. All in all, 5 represents change.

Meaning in Tarot

Major Arcana

In the Major Arcana, the card seeks advice about directions or changing directions that may require training. Spiritually it is about listing to your Guides or people with an open mind to avoid being trapped in a change that will hurt you.

Swords – Be aware of the decision that can alienate friends, co-workers or family members. Changings in directions must happen with intelligence and not ego.

Pentacles – This is a time to be logical about money and make sure what to use the money on will not hurt the future. Changes are coming with money sources and may not be positive.

Cups – Changes in friendships, loss of a family member, or work friendships you have known for a long time. Decisions may cause chaos and backlashes from people you do not expect. It is not time to make drastic changes

Wands – Family conflicts, arguments and detachments highlight this card. Possibly losing jobs or blocked creativity. Changes may offend people, including that that have supported you before. Take care of changing jobs or not paying attention to your own.

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