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Numerology 11

So do you see 11? Or 11:11?

This type of observance happens to many people around the world and can be annoying simply because we want to know what it means. It could be when you look at your time, turning on the TV, looking in a store window etc.

So what does this mean? If we look into the world of Numerology and the Tarot, the meaning has a complex yet straightforward meaning depending on how deep we want to go.

11 is a sign of a new beginning, new starts or even new people in your life. It is a sign to be aware of these upcoming changes and be mindful that some of these changes may be significant in relationships, new/improved romance, creative or business opportunities, and new jobs or promotions for employment. There are many different changes, but it is too long to mention them here.

It is also a sign of Spiritual awaking and increasing spiritual awareness on a higher level when working or talking to people. Increased communications with spirits and the desire to work with people on the spiritual side. People with the 11 sign are old souls and being told that working in spirituality with benefic them.

Just pay attention to tiny new ideas, opportunities that may fall on your lap so that you are rewarded for your hard work.

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