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Ms Patient

Spirit Message October 29, 2010

I see a young male/older teenager who passed away from MS or a kind of crippling muscle disease. I see him in a wheelchair being pushed by his family with the inability to move or communicate properly. He passed in the hospital when his heart and lungs failed.

Even as the issue progressed, he was happy in life and did not allow his disease to stop him from enjoying life. He had a good family that did everything for him to be happy even though they knew he would pass away at any time.

He wants his family to know how grateful he is for the sacrifice they made for him and let them know he is in their house paying back what they gave him. He is with family and is at peace for what his life was. He says that his family showed true love, and even his siblings didn't complain about his needs.

He loves you all and wishes that you take the time to enjoy the life that you deserve.

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