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grandfather message

Spirit Message December 11, 2021

I have an older gentleman, perhaps in his seventies. He was well-groomed and was always ready to leave the house at any time. Loved to go with his wife to garage sales and flea markets to see what kind of junk she would pick up. Loved to laugh, and he cried when he saw his first grandchild.

He also worked with his hands and saw him working on wood and says that he had to get this completed for his grandchildren but never did.

He also had a get-together with his friends during the week to have coffee and talk about stuff. Unfortunately, he sat with his legs crossed which gave him some problems with his back.

He wants to say how much he still loves his family and friends and wants everyone to have a very merry Christmas. He says Christmas is a time to drop the anger and learn to be in the same room for at least four hours before saying the wrong thing and creating a disaster.

Remember, even though he is gone, he still has his eyes on you and will talk to you when you pass over, lol.

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