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cranky lady passing

Spirit Message January 8th, 2022

I have an elderly lady who passed away in her eighties. She mentions that she was a grumpy lady who was more critical than happy with people or life in general in the end. Although she says she was not overly silent about what she thought about the people around her most of her life, that was what she was.

She shows herself often sitting with her hands crossed when she sat and a bit of a frown, but with close family members, she was at times kind and listened well. There is a picture in her coffin that she still holds onto.

She is happy and loves helping people from the other side, as she hated getting compliments or praise for what she did. But now, she can do it without people noticing.

Take care, everyone. She is watching over the family, and beware that you can not hide from her anymore.


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