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2022-08-20 Spirit Message

"Please note that the age I mention is not the date they passed, but more a time you could recognize the most."

I have an older lady who shows herself in her 50s dancing with a young girl by holding her hands and swinging her around. Also shows herself taking good care of her fingernails, painting them red and manicuring them regularly. I also feel that she did this with the girl as well.

I feel there was a separation between her and the child due to family issues or possibly a move that stopped the number of times they were together. There was also a male child, but she seemed focused on the girl.

The girl was an adult when she passed and wants to mention how she loved everyone in the family, not just the girl. Still, she had a strong connection due to them being spiritually connected by past lives. She is at peace and spreads healing to everyone as they go to sleep and wake up. Confront issues head-on so you do not have to waste time checking your memory for details. Waste of time is wasting your time to be happy. Solve it now, and be happy the rest of the time.


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