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Spirit Message August 11, 2022

I have an elderly lady who is showing herself walking slowly but in a good mood. Her fingers are a little slow, but she can still write and read a book. Unfortunately, I see her wearing loose clothing as she loses weight and perhaps dies of cancer or another disease.

Though she loved kids, she was not active with them in a physical way as her own body was slowing down. As a result, she had to take many pills that she did not like but knew she had to.

There was an argument about keeping her alive on the machine on her death bed. Finally, after a long dispute, the family decided to disconnect her from the device, allowing her to pass over.

She wishes to thank everyone for letting her go. She passed over quickly and enjoyed seeing the soft lighting in the sky and all the flowers surrounding her. She knew that she was a burden while alive, so leaving was good as it freed people and allowed them to do their lives. She is also with a lost daughter, and they spend much time together. Life is peaceful now, and wished it to everyone. And yes, she did hear everyone say goodbye.


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