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A Profound Message from Spirit at Whisperingsouls

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Spirit Message November 11 , 2021

I have a young male, late teens, early twenties. When he was younger, he was popular in school but turned downward into depressed and isolated himself as he grew older due to family issues. Later, he turned to drugs and alcohol, which alarmed his girlfriend, who tried to help him.

He shows himself as a hunter and enjoys the sport with his family and friends. However, as he grew deeper into depression, he dropped the sport,

I am not sure if this was a suicide or a car accident, but it feels like he didn't care anymore and was looking for a way out. In the end, he wants to say he is sorry for what he did but not for leaving the family as many things were not correct, and he hated that.

He is with family in the house as he has pure love and is at peace. He wants to use his pure love to help cure the pain and show an ending that is wonderful and worth waiting for. He hopes people understand what he did and forgive him.


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