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Irish spirit

Spirit message November 24, 2021

I have a gentleman who is Irish and seems to love to laugh and indeed his drink. Not very tall, perhaps between 5-10 to 6ft. I feel he may have passed suddenly and maybe when he was either working or outdoors. He points to his chest, but it may have been a stroke.

He also shows himself at a family get-together with many children around him, perhaps indicating that he had a large family. Also, his left hand seems to have a problem, and he did not wear a wedding ring due to his work or took it off because of swelling in his fingers. He says he is "haunting" his family with jokes and telling them to move on as he is still part of the family.

He will be home for Christmas because he needs to be with family and let everyone know that

the other eighteen spirits will come with him.

Take care and know that he is still helping you in life.

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